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There is great compassion, comfort and help for us in times of illness, be it physical, mental or spiritual. The Archangel Rafaelʼs name means ʻThe Shining One Who Heals.ʼ It is said that in our hours of need, he and a host of healing angels are nearby waiting to give comfort and solace. All of these saints can help us bear our illnesses with fortitude.

Each image is available in four sizes - 
Pocket Size (1 1/2 inches wide - $5.30)
Ornament Size (2 1/2 inches wide - $13.00)
Small Size (3 1/2 inches wide - $22.00)
Large Size (5 1/2 inches wide - $30.00)


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#105	 St. Bernadette	- Sick and Poor
Patroness of the sick, the poor and the family, shepherds and shepherdesses, and people ridiculed fo..
#11 Santa Rita - Desperate Cases, Tumours & Infertility
Patroness of desperate, lost or hopeless causes, sickness, wounds, Invoked against infertility, tumo..
#125 Our Lady Undoer or Knots
Our Lady, Undoer of Knots Holy Mother, Undoer of Knots,may the unknotted cords of your wisdomfree m..
#13 St. Jude - Hopeless Causes
Invoked in Desperate and hopeless causes San Judas is one of the Apostles, who is said in Luke 6:16..
#14 Santo Nino de Atocha - Travelers, Prisoners & Limb Problems
Patron for travelers, prisoners, and illnesses of the legs and arms. This story arose in Zacatecas,..
#25 Santa Appolonia - Dentists & Toothaches
Patroness of dentists, dental workers and toothaches. Apollonia was attacked by a mob intent on com..
#26 St. Agatha - Nurses & Breast Disease
Patroness of nurses, wet nurses, jewelers, Invoked against breast disease. Agatha was a Sicilian wh..
#36 San Rafael - The Shining One Who Heals
"The Shining One Who Heals', For Children leaving home and travel One of the 4 Archangels sent ..
#43  Santiago - Veternarians, Horses & Arthritis
Patron of veterinarians, horsemen, laborers, soldiers; Invoked against arthritis and rheumatism. Sa..
#44 San Roque - Contagious Disease
Patron Saint of dogs, dog lovers, Invoked against cancer and contagious diseases St. Roque was Fren..
#45 St. Dymphna - Mental Illness
Patroness of mentally ill,epileptics and mental health workers Dymphna was born in the sixth centur..
#46 Santa Lucia - Eye Trouble & Sales People
Patroness of sales people, writers and martyrs; Invoked as aid for blindness and eye trouble, agains..
#47 St. Teresa of Lisieus "Our Little Flower" - Florists & Lung Disease
(The little flower) Patroness of florists, gardeners, foreign missions, missionaries, AIDS / HIV pat..
#50 San Gabriel Archangel - Childbirth & Postal Workers
Patron of childbirth, communication, postal workers. Angel of mercy, truth, inspiration, and purific..
#51 San Peregrin - Cancer
Patron of cancer patients, AIDS patients; Invoked against illness. Born of a wealthy family in th..
#60 St. Elizabeth - Pregnancy
Patroness of pregnant women Elizabeth was an older, barren, relative of the Virgin Mary. The Archan..
#64 Santa Clare - Needleworkers & Sore Eyes
Patron of needleworkers, embroiderers, goldsmiths, laundry, gilders, telephones, telegraphs, televis..
#84 Santa Monica - Mothers & Abuse Victims
Patroness of mothers,wives, abuse victims St. Monica was married to a pegan man who was much older ..
#87 St. Benedict of Nursia - Engineers & Kidney Disease
Patron of monks, engineers and kidney disease, Italian 480-547. He was the son of a Roman noble. He..
#9 St. Teresa of Avila - Heart Disease & Headaches
Patroness of faith, heart disease and headaches Born in castile near Avila in 1515, Teresa and her ..