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New Work

New Work

Every year I create a handful of new saint images. Customers request new saints all the time. If many people ask me for the same saint, I try to honor their request within the year. Each year I also receive several orders for commissioned originals. These too, often become part of my ever - growing list of saints. In 2013, I created the angels and blessing plaques.

Each retablo is available in four sizes:
Pocket Size (1 1/2 inches wide - $5.30)
Ornament Size (2 1/2 inches wide - $13.00)
Small Size (3 1/2 inches wide - $22.00)
Large Size (5 1/2 inches wide - $30.00)

Angel and Blessing Plaques are available in three sizes:
Small Size (3 1/2 inches wide - $18.00)
Medium Size (5 inches wide - $24.00)
Large Size (7 inches wide - $32.00)

Ornaments are available in one size:
One size (6 inches tall - $15.00)

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#A9 Guardian of the Innocent
Angel Guardian of the Innocent, we call upon you from our hearts for the children and the creatu..
#A10 Abundance
Angels of Bounty and Abundance, the soft wind of your breath plays over the Earth and every vall..
#A11 Compassion
Great Angels of Compassion, hear my cry. Enfold me in your tender arms of light. In the eye of t..
#A12 Love
Angel of Love, did you send my beloved to me? No song but an angel's could sing this love. It's ..
#A13 Forgiveness
Angel of Forgiveness "I have harmed another and bring You my broken heart. Take my prayer to the Ho..
#A14 Friendship
Angel of Sacred Friendship "You have given me a friend who knows me as you do, and I know her, and ..
#A15 Home & Family
Angel Guardians of Home & Family "We call upon you to enter in. Come close and share in our work..