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The following saints were assigned their patronage by the Popes over the centuries to bless, guide and help us as we pursue our particular professions. The prayers I have included on the backs of these saints are prayers of gratitude and service to others through the practice of our careers.

Each image is available in four sizes - 
Pocket Size (1 1/2 inches wide - $5.30)
Ornament Size (2 1/2 inches wide - $13.00)
Small Size (3 1/2 inches wide - $22.00)
Large Size (5 1/2 inches wide - $30.00)

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#121 Venerable Bede - Historians, English Writers
Patron of historians, English writers. Born in Sunderland, probably of noble birth, Bede's educat..
#21 San Getrudis - Teachers
Patroness of teachers, educators, students, travellers and mystics. Born in Saxony in 1356 a.d., Sh..
#22 Sir Thomas More - Lawyers
Patron of lawyers, civil servants Sir Thomas More was Lord Chancellor under Henry VIII. He stayed t..
#23 San Mateo - Accountants
Patron Saint of accountants, bookkeepers, stockbrokers, tax collectors Matthew was a Jewish tax col..
#24 Santa Barbara - Architects
Patron Saint of architects, artillery men and miners Barbara's father was an abusive and jealous ma..
#25 Santa Appolonia - Dentists & Toothaches
Patroness of dentists, dental workers and toothaches. Apollonia was attacked by a mob intent on com..
#26 St. Agatha - Nurses & Breast Disease
Patroness of nurses, wet nurses, jewelers, Invoked against breast disease. Agatha was a Sicilian wh..
#27 St. Luke - Doctors
Patron of doctors and artists. Luke is the author of the third Gospel in the Bible. It is conside..
#28 St. Damasus - Archaeologists
Patron of archaeologists. Damasus was 60 years old when he became Pope. Another group elected a dif..
#29 St. Albert the Great - Scientists
Patron of scientists, science students, medical technicians, natural sciences, philosophers. Albert..
#37 St. Thomas Aquinas - Theologians & Scholars
Patron of scholars, theologians, academics, book sellers, Catholic academies, schools, and universit..
#38A Joseph of Cupertino - Pilots & Learning Disablilities
Patron of aviators, aviation, air travel,  astronauts, people with learning disabilities, special ne..
#39 St. Catherine of Alexandria - Lawyers & Secretaries
Patroness of philosophers, lawyers, librarians, secretaries and nurses. Believed to be a noblewoman..
#43  Santiago - Veternarians, Horses & Arthritis
Patron of veterinarians, horsemen, laborers, soldiers; Invoked against arthritis and rheumatism. Sa..
#50 San Gabriel Archangel - Childbirth & Postal Workers
Patron of childbirth, communication, postal workers. Angel of mercy, truth, inspiration, and purific..
#54 San Ferdinand - Engineers
Patron of engineers, authorities, governors, magistrates. San Ferdinand was man of great faith and ..
#58 San Martin de Tours - Small Business
(San Martin de Caballero) Patron of small business, inn keepers, hotel-keepers, horses, equestrians,..
#59 San Lorenzo - Librarians & Good Crops
Patron of cooks, librarians, the poor and August crops. San Lorenzo was one of the seven Deacons of..
#67 St. Brigid of Kildare - Midwives, Infants & Poets, Protection from Fire
Patron of infants, midwives, nuns, poets, poultry farmers, illegitimate children, Brigid of Kildare..
#86 St. Catherine of Seina - Nurses
Patroness of nurses, sick people, firefighters; Invoked against against fire, illness, miscarriages,..
#87 St. Benedict of Nursia - Engineers & Kidney Disease
Patron of monks, engineers and kidney disease, Italian 480-547. He was the son of a Roman noble. He..
#91 St. Isidore - Computers
Patron of the internet, computer users, computer technicians, programmers and students. He was from..
#92 St. Patrick - Engineers & Ireland
Patron Saint of engineers and Ireland Born 385 AD in Scotland of Roman parents. At 14 he was captur..