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The Arts

The Arts

Creativity, in my view, is one of our greatest gifts from GOD. Pursuit of our talents has the potential, if only for a moment, to bring us in touch with the deepest parts of our souls so we feel our connection to The Divine. The saints listed below were blessed with creative gifts that are said to be angelic and divinely inspired.The retablos include prayers about our talents being of benefit not only to ourselves, but for all who come in contact with our work.

Each image is available in four sizes - 
Pocket Size (1 1/2 inches wide - $5.30)
Ornament Size (2 1/2 inches wide - $13.00)
Small Size (3 1/2 inches wide - $22.00)
Large Size (5 1/2 inches wide - $30.00)

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#20A San Vincente Saragossa - Vinters & Wine
Patron of vintners and wine As a boy he was arrested with his mentor, Bishop Valerius, in 300 a.d. ..
#20B San Vincente Saragossa - Vinters & Wine
Patron of Vintners and Wine As a boy he was arrested with his mentor, Bishop Valerius, in 300 a.d. ..
#30 Santa Cecilia - Musicians
Patroness of composers, musicians and music. The night of her wedding, Cecelia sat playing the orga..
#31 Francis de Sales - Writers
Writers - editors - publishers -book binders - paper makers He was the Catholic Duke of Savoy. The ..
#32 St. Genesius - Actors
Patron saint of actors Genesius was an actor who, while performing a blasphemous comic play about C..
#33 St. Lydwina - Ice Skaters
Patroness of skaters She was born in Scandinavia in 1380. She loved to skate. One day, while skatin..
#35 San Sebastian - Athletes
patron saint of athletes A Christian soldier who joined the Roman army in 283 a.d. as the persecuti..
#42 Fra Angelica - Artists
Patron saint of Artists He was not officially canonized until 1984 but was thought, even by his con..
#49 San Juan Apostol - Bookbinders
Writers - publishers - editors - painters - art dealers - bookbinders - paper makers - printers - en..
#52 St. John of the Cross - Poets
Patron of poets John was a 16 th century Spanish Mystic, who was a priest of the Carmelite order. H..
#64 Santa Clare - Needleworkers & Sore Eyes
Patron of needleworkers, embroiderers, goldsmiths, laundry, gilders, telephones, telegraphs, televis..
#67 St. Brigid of Kildare - Midwives, Infants & Poets, Protection from Fire
Patron of infants, midwives, nuns, poets, poultry farmers, illegitimate children, Brigid of Kildare..
#68 San Veronica - Photographers
Santa Veronica patroness of photographers, laundresses, miracles Veronica stands at the 6th Station..
#90 St. Andrew - Golfers & Performers & Singers
Patron of Golfers, Scotland, Russia, Fishermen, performers , singers Saint Andrew was a disciple of..